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Planting 100 hectares of apple in the town of San Clemente nearby Talca,
the company was founded in 1983.
Later on in combination with a group of growers,
the company decided to start its own exporting operations.
In 1997 the company started
running a bussiness of juice concentrates.
The volume of fresh fruits exports have been constantly growing up to
2,5 million boxes in the season 2009-10 with sales over US $60 million.
In 2010 the company decided to start a new busines unit, building a
new dehydrated facility which started to operate in June 2011.
The sales projection of the group is to reach
US $150 million by 2015
    San Clemente Foods
Los Conquistadores 1700 floor 27, Santiago, Chile
Phone +56 2 322300 - sales@sclem.cl